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Bear Creek Hounds Respect for Land Guidelines


Our generous landowners are the key to the sport we love and enjoy. Please be thoughtful of their property at all times. Be sure to thank landowners for the privilege of hunting on their land.


*The landowner is always right.  Smile and be congenial no matter what.


*Give way on roads and say “Thank You” when traffic slows down for you.


*Leave all gates as they were found. If a gate needs to be closed, pass on the cry “Gate Please” to the rider behind you. The last two adult riders through the gate are responsible for seeing it is shut properly.


*If you knock down or damage a fence, report it immediately to a Field Master, accidents happen, but the sooner we know about it the sooner we can fix it and it may well make the difference between the hunt’s continued welcome on the property or being asked to stay away.


*Stay off crops or planted fields, ride around the edge in single file if directed to do so by the Field Master. In short if you are unsure, treat the field as planted and keep off!


*Move quietly and slowly around livestock, do not go through them. If they start to run, STOP and let things calm down.


Please make it a priority to be respectful of the land and the landowners. Damage to property and/or livestock is inexcusable. Not only is it expensive, but it can also result in the loss of hunting privileges for our hunt.

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